Posted by Corina (Founder) on 3rd Jan 2015


Never Look Back was a dream of a country girl who always struggled to find clothes not only designed for fashion but for comfort, affordability and style. After many years of fighting the demons in my mind I knew that I had to change  the way I felt about myself I needed the yes I can attitude.  I felt in my heart that I could make a difference not only for myself but for other women feeling the same as I did.  Just because I am a larger framed woman did not mean that I had to hide at home or at the back of the gym dressed in black hoping that know one would notice me, I wanted to feel confident and proud. 

After many visits to the ladies sports stores trying on clothes one after the other and having no luck with sizing, I found that although the label said a 16 it was really no more than a size 12, I thought what can I do to fix this problem as other women must be experiencing the same problem that I was facing.  After many months of going to the gyms and seeing the frustrations of other women like myself Never Look Back was founded.

I ran my idea of creating my own website with larger size options passed my family and friends, they also believed in my dream and could not support me enough.  Trust me there were a few who thought I was wasting my time, keep in mind you will always have people who do not believe in your ideas, but remember its your dream and continue to trust your judgement, so that's what I did and it was full steam ahead for Never Look Back.

First things first, we needed a name, after many nights of brain storming and lots of ideas and many sheets of paper we came up with the name Never Look Back.  While going through my own personal weight loss journey I would always tell myself one more kilo down I am Never Looking Back.

The goal of Never Look Back is to offer a website to inspire other women, to set new goals to feel confident in both their appearance and their health.

You don't need to hide behind closed doors you are already beautiful be true to yourself, you can do it one step at a time and you will Never Look Back.  Do not be fooled the road is long and the journey hard and there will be times when you may feel like just giving up.

With exciting designs and colors in mind Never Look Back will make you feel fresh, confident and ready for that challenge.  Our garments have been road tested by every day women who love to walk, run, go to the gym and just simply exercise.

NEVER LOOK BACK  has One Simple Philosophy:

Some People Want It To Happen, Other People Make It Happen & that person is You.

This is where my dream begins I hope that this article inspires you to follow your dreams you deserve it.