Live In Your Life by Sandi

Posted by Sandi on 1st Aug 2017

Live In Your Life by Sandi

"Live in your life"

The one common thread which has woven through my life is my love of the gym, "my happy place" I have come to appreciate the simple ability to participate in life.

Knowing the determination to do better is what has kept me inspired in life. Whatever lessons life has given me, I know that they are all but lessons to look inside, for life is in fact within.

As I sat In my car at 5pm on the 31st July 2016 I was told on the phone I had cancer. Lymphoma, a rare one which only 80 people in the world have, so I am aware that I am rare.

Sometimes we are given things to stop us, to make us look inside and re-evaluate. Everything stopped, my life as I knew it. I felt my energy failing, my toenails started falling off and my teeth started cracking. I was reduced to stillness. But through the stillness acceptance came and then courage appeared in silent form.

Am blessed beyond belief to say I am in remission. I am back at the gym training but with more determination, more focus and more meaning. I know whatever comes my way, I will survive for I am a survivor.

So I would like to wish you enough and give your smile to yourself. 

To be inspired is a gift, To inspire is an honour.