How to choose the right tights for you.

Posted by Never Look Back on 16th May 2020

How to choose the right tights for you.

It's never easy with so many activewear brands on the market now, we have more choices than ever to make us confused. How do you know what are the best tights to suit your fitness workout or body shape. 

Tights or leggings can be definitely described as your go to cosy safe zone. With so many of us throwing a pair on not just to work out in but to relax around the home or perhaps wear to the local café. You could say that they are becoming a staple in our wardrobe. What we love about a good pair of cosy tights is we can go from the shops to the gym floor by just a quick change of a top

Tights or leggings are a perfect fit for women of all shapes and sizes. How many times do we love to throw on a pair of our favourite tights or leggings instead of a pair of jeans just because they are super comfy.

I have listed a few things that I speak to women about when choosing the right tights or leggings for you.

Purchasing the right size

We are all built with different body shapes, no two women are identical and its important to understand this first. When you choose your tights or leggings they need to move and bend with your body. How many times do we feel like we are loosing our tights when we bend, move, ride or sit on the gym equipment.

If the size is not correct for you, the fabric will be over stretched which will give you transparency (see-through) issues.

You also want to feel relaxed in your tights or leggings so your focus is on your workout.

If you are shopping online, make sure you take your measurements all brands have different size guides. I like to look for a brand that has the size guide for each garment not one guide to suit the entire range. That way you know you are purchasing the correct size for you, each style will size differently.

Research what brands are available

With so many brands of activewear on the market, now is the time to research the brand, price and quality.

These days doing a simple google search will find you endless options. Check reviews of the product on google or Facebook you will find lots of testimonials available.

I also like to see how long a brand has been in business, as they have had the time to test the products and will also have a good list of product reviews.

Never be afraid to shop online, if a business has been trading for awhile they will also have good return policies.

Choosing the right fabric

This is one of the most important first steps, getting the fabrics right. The material is essential for not just comfort reason. 

  •  Visibility
  •  Non odour
  •  Durability
  •  Lightweight
  •  Tummy Control
  •  Sweat - wicking

My favourite blend of fabric is a fabric combination of Supplex and Lycra, which keeps me feeling dry on my most intense workout. 

It's really up to your own personal choice of what fabrics you like to feel on your body.

Look for the right fit for you

No one loves activewear as much as I do and I like to think that I can wear it all.

I love high-waisted tights for times when I am do a workout like a spin class. When I am jumping up and down on my spin bike, I need to know my tights are with me all the way.

Mid-waist tights are great for me when I am running, walking or doing yoga. 

Who does not like an awesome pair of printed pattern tights or leggings when you are doing a yoga class. The right pattern can make or break your body shape, try to choose a pattern that is flattering to your body. There are so many beautiful pattern tights on the market to suit all body shapes.